by James Merritt

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A Song for Today (2 of 4)
Series: Soul Music Series
James Merritt
Psalm 3


1. We are in a series of messages that we are calling ''Soul Music'' because that is really what the Psalms are; they are songs for the soul. They speak to the heart. The Third Psalm that we are going to study today is a unique Psalm in the fact that it is the first time the word ''Psalm'' occurs. The Hebrew word is ''mizmor'' which means a poem that is to be sung to musical accompaniment. This is the first song that David is recorded as having written. It is a song for today, because I believe this Psalm speaks to where many of us really do live day-in and day-out.

2. The background of this Psalm is bad news. Have you ever experienced a day or maybe a week or even a month or perhaps even a year when bad news was good news because the next news was always worse news. I heard of a doctor who called a patient one time and said, ''John, I've got some bad news and some worse news.'' The man said, ''What is the bad news?'' He said, ''You only have twenty-four hours to live.'' The man said, ''Well, what is the worst news?'' He said, ''I tried to call you yesterday.''

3. These were dark days in the life of King David. Not only had his son, Absalom rebelled against him, but he had taken the kingdom away from him and was now pursuing him, trying to kill him.

4. The walls of David's life were crumbling all around him. The nation as a whole had been deceived into following Absalom and had turned against David. David had gone from being a king to a criminal on the run. He was even being ridiculed as a coward by people along the way.

5. One morning when the armies of Absalom were closing in on him and when it appeared that all was lost, the Lord gave David this Psalm. This Psalm can easily be divided into three parts because you will notice it is marked by the word ''selah''. The word ''selah'' means something like this - ''stop and think about what you have just hear ...

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