by James Merritt

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The Dark Side Confronted (3 of 4)
The Dark Side Series
James Merritt
Hebrews 12:5-11


1. As we left our story last week, the Emperor and Darth Vader had devised a plan to turn the young Jedi, Luke Skywalker, to the Dark Side. While we were gone, Darth Vader revealed his true identity as Luke's father, Anakin Skywalker. Luke has now been captured and is ready to face Darth Vader, not just as his enemy, but also as his Father.
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2. We have been in a series of messages called "The Dark Side". I remind you again that what Star Wars calls "The Dark Side" the Bible calls "sin". There really is a dark side. Just as there is an evil for every good, there is a "light side" just as there is a "dark side". Now we have to come to an important distinction as we talk about entering into the dark side.

3. This may surprise you, but both a follower of Jesus Christ and a non-follower of Jesus Christ can enter into the dark side. Both a child of God and someone who has no relationship with God can enter into the dark side, but here is the difference. The child of God cannot enter into the dark side without God confronting him and disciplining him and punishing him until he leaves the dark side.

4. It is like a young boy I heard about that went off to one of these extremely expensive universities. His freshman year the bills were coming in monthly to these parents and they were struggling to keep their head above water, doing everything they could to give their son a good education. One day his mother received a letter from him that read like this:

Dear Mom,

I am writing to inform you that I have flunked all of my courses. I had an accident and totally wrecked my car. I owe the clothing store in town $3,000 and I have been suspended for the next semester because I "borrowed" a classmate's car for a joy ride. I am coming home - prepare dad.

5. His mother wrote a one line letter back to him that just said ...

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