by James Merritt

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The Dark Side Arrives (2 of 4)
The Dark Side Series
James Merritt
Proverbs 5-6


As we left our story last week in galaxies beyond, we found Darth Vader kneeling before the hologrammed image of the Emperor pledging his loyalty to his evil master. In the meantime, the battle between the forces of light and darkness has intensified and the Jedi are gaining ground. The young, but powerful Jedi leader, Luke Skywalker, must be stopped and the Emperor is making a visit to insure his demise.

1. [Video] Every day, in every way, when you walk out the door of your home, Satan is going to try to turn you to the dark side. Last week, I shared with you how the dark side of Darth Vader is in all of us potentially and how the dark side will always be revealed. The dark side does eventually come to light. What Star Wars calls the "dark side" the Bible calls "sin."

2. When the dark side does arrive, you have to make a decision whether you are going to cross over to that dark side or not. Remember, I warned you last week, that once you do cross over to the dark side, if you stay there, the dark side will consume you, control you, corrupt you, and ultimately condemn you.

3. In the two chapters of Proverbs that we are going to look at today, Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived is going to share with us, just one area of life where the dark side arrives and has arrived for far too many people. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that one of the darkest places in the dark side is the place called sex. If you read Proverbs very much you will find in the first eight chapters it is almost as if Solomon is obsessed with the dark side of sexual immorality. The reason for that is that he and his father, King David, were well aware of what happens when this part of the dark side arrives in someone's life.

4. Let me show you two first-hand accounts of the dark side arriving in the lives of two men.
"Then it happened in the spring, a ...

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