by Robert Walker

The Keeper of the King's Oil
Robert Walker
I Chronicles 27:25

Even though you may have many talents, sometimes God has you to work in difficult places, even if it is a place you would not normally choose. Yet, that is where you find God because He has placed you there. For Joash, God placed him in the cellar, but he was in charge of something great – the king's oil.

Oil represents anointing. No one can preach or successfully serve God without the anointing. Joash was not keeper of just oil, but he was the keeper of the king's oil.

There is a difference between church work and working for the Lord. Working for people will wear you out, but serving God will not. After a while, Joash moved from the cellar to being the chief of the house. If you are faithful in the few undesirable things that God gives you, He will put you in charge of many great things.

David appointed his son Solomon as king and Solomon appointed his cabinet. King David who at that time was 70 years of age turned his kingdom over to his son Solomon and appointed Solomon as his successor. He was going to rule and reign as king over Israel.

In the chapters which follower 23 King David begins to organize things to make life easier for Solomon as he begins his rule and reign.

Then in I Chr. 27:25 David is appointing officers and counselors and workers to serve along with the King his son Solomon.

I am sure that when the announcements went out for those preferred individuals within the king to come to the King's palace because today is appointment day I am sure it must have created a lot of excitement and a great stir around the Kings residence.

For men with high goals and men with high hopes just knew that they were going to be appointed to the position of their dreams.

They gather there at the residence of the King and the King began to read off the appointments. There were some who were appointed over the gold that belong to the King.

There were others who were put ...

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