by Jerry Vines

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Dogs and Hogs I've Known (6 of 9)
Series: Growth Book
Jerry Vines
II Peter 2:18-22

I want to point out to you in verse 18 that he begins by saying, "For when they." The word "they" ties back to the first verse of the chapter where Simon Peter has predicted that just as there were false prophets in the olden days, there would be false teachers in our day. Beginning in verse 1 and going all the way to the end of this chapter is the most severe, scathing denunciation of the false teachers in all of the Word of God.

Now he is coming to the climax of the entire subject. He's coming to the heart of the matter. What he's going to do now is to show us what the basic problem of the false teacher is. He's going to show us why they believe and why they behave as they do; and he's going to use this basic problem in a most unique, interesting way.

As you read through this chapter you will find that Simon Peter is very graphic in the words he uses to describe the false teachers. He calls them ungodly, unjust. He says that they are cursed children. Then he says in verse 12 that they are like stupid animals. Then he gets more specific at the end by naming the animals. He says that they are like dogs and they are like hogs.

Keep in mind that Simon Peter is a saved man. We know before Simon Peter was saved he had a tendency to curse. In fact, after he got saved, he cussed on one occasion that we recall. But I was thinking as I was reading down through all of the things that Simon Peter has to say about the false teachers here, what would he have called them while he was a lost man if he called them all of this now? He says these false teachers are like dogs and they are like hogs.

This passage of scripture is a scripture, especially these last few verses, which has been controversial. There are some who have taught from these verses of scriptures that it is possible for a person to be saved and to be lost again, that it is possible for peo ...

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