by Jerry Vines

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You Need a Sure Word (3 of 9)
Series: Growth Book
Jerry Vines
II Peter 1:12-21

Back in January there was an article in the newspaper that I clipped out which tells a very sad story. It is the story of a young man named Rick Rodriquez. He traveled to Tucson, Arizona, and he killed a prominent lady member of the religious group to which he was affiliated. He drove from there back to California. He produced a chilling video which he had sent to his mother and then he committed suicide.

Rick was brought up in a group known as the "Family International." It's a group that came out of the Jesus Movement. A man named David Berg organized this group. They were originally called "The children of God." He began to call himself Moses and wrote epistles. I used to run into some of the writings of David Berg.

They had some off-the-wall theology. They had some way-out beliefs. Among them was their view of sexual freedom. They had a different view about sexuality. This young man, Rick Rodriquez, was being groomed to be the successor of Berg, to take over the movement. On the video he tells about some of the things he was subjected to. For instance, when he was a 9-year-old boy he was forced to have sex with a 29-year-old member of the sect. It went on and on and got worse and worse, and finally the upshot of it all was that he killed someone and he committed suicide.

We have graphically displayed for us the danger of false teaching and what can happen if you get involved in the wrong kind of teaching.

In the second chapter of II Peter, Simon Peter himself is going to address the whole matter of false teaching. I want you to hear these messages. I'll be talking about false teachers and how to spot them. Of course, we have looked at this first chapter, the opening verses, where he talks about the like precious faith, the genuine faith, the real deal. He's basically saying that before you understand the false you have to be very fami ...

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