by Jerry Vines

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Spiritual Supplements (2 of 9)
Series: Growth Book
Jerry Vines
II Peter 1:5-11

We've started a series of messages in II Peter 1, and I'm calling this series the ''Growth Book.'' I was looking at some of the topics I'm going to be dealing with. For instance, next Sunday morning I'll speak on the subject ''You Need a Sure Word.'' Here are some others, ''False Teachers and How to Spot Them,'' ''Dogs and Hogs I've Known,'' ''Why Hasn't Jesus Returned,'' ''God's Time, the Appeal of Eternity.'' I hope you will come and hear all of these messages.

Perhaps you read an article in the newspaper this week about the use of ammonia by athletes. I was unaware of this that many professional athletes and even college athletes are using these little sticks of ammonia as a supplement. They use it to give themselves a rush, to give them a sudden burst of energy. It is a supplement to their energy level.

This is the day of supplements. We have vitamins which are intended to supplement our diet to make sure we get everything we are intended to get in terms of vitamins. We have Grecian Formula to supplement your hair so that you can get the gray out of your hair. This is the day of supplements.

I have given this book the theme ''The Growth Book.'' I do it because when you come to the last verse in chapter 3 of the entire book, Peter says, ''But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.'' So it is ''The Growth Book.'' It is the book which is intended to tell us how to grow in the Christian life. In the course of that, we come to this fifth verse and in the verses which follow, which the Apostle Peter gives us a series of what I would call spiritual supplements, some things that we are to add to our faith.

He has just talked about faith. In the opening verses he has said that we have obtained like precious faith. He is talking about our salvation, our experience of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now he says in verse 5, ''And beside this, givin ...

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