by Jerry Vines

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Precious Faith, Precious Promises (1 of 9)
Series: The Growth Book
Jerry Vines
II Peter 1:1-4

I remind you that these words are written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by the Apostle Peter. Peter, when the Lord Jesus Christ met him, was a fisherman. It is rather amazing, is it not, what God can do with a Galilean fisherman? It was Simon Peter who was used by the Lord to preach on the day of Pentecost and 3,000 people were won to faith in Jesus.

It is Simon Peter who has penned two of the books in our New Testament. We have just studied the book of I Peter. We're moving now into II Peter. In these two books we have what the Christian life is and what the Christian life is intended to be.

You will discover that there is some difference in emphasis in these two letters. For instance, in the first letter that he wrote to us it has to do with the subject of suffering and persecution, trouble on the outside. Now, in the second letter, he will talk about false teachers, trouble on the inside.

In the first letter he will present Satan as a roaring lion seeking to devour. In this letter he will present Satan as a seductive serpent seeking to deceive.

When persecution and suffering come to a church, it has a way of just drawing people closer to the Lord. Suffering in the life of a Christian is like driving a nail into a piece of wood. It just drives the nail deeper and more firmly in that piece of wood. Suffering has a tendency to purify the believer. On the other hand, false teaching has a tendency to pervert the believer.

In the second chapter of II Peter he is going to lay before us the counterfeit faith. He's going to present false teachers. But in order that we might understand the counterfeit better, he will present to us in the opening chapter the genuine faith, the real deal. So that's why he says in verse 1, "Like precious faith." He is talking about the genuine article, the real deal.

I have been to ...

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