by Jerry Vines

Let the Show Begin!
Jerry Vines
I Peter 1:10-12
Pastor's Conference 2005

We Americans love our spectaculars, don't we? Just a few weeks ago now here in Jacksonville we had Super Bowl XXXIX, which is the number-one entertainment spectacular in the life of America in a year's time.

I must say that the city of Jacksonville did itself proud. I was extremely proud of everything they did and the way they did it, the way they beautifully lit these bridges around here and all of the things they did to make it the spectacular it was. I thought it was especially beautiful the way they did that tribute to the greatest generation and all of the military branches of service were honored and when they flew the F18's over. It was really spectacular.

I'm also glad to say that it was also a family friendly half-time spectacular. I never thought that I, a Baptist preacher, would be congratulating them for having a Beatle to sing at half time. But Paul's in his sixties now. He jigged around a time or two. He probably had to see a chiropractor the next day, but it was pretty calm. I was hoping for Slim Whitman, but McCartney will do.

I want to talk with you this morning about a spectacular that makes all of that spectacular look like a tea party at a kindergarten. I have in mind to talk with you about a spectacular that makes all of that kind of like a square dance at an old folk's home. I want to talk about a spectacular of spectaculars.

The Lord has put the dramatic element in our souls. Shakespeare said, "The whole world's a stage and all the men and women merely players." God has put this dramatic element in our souls, and that's why there is really no excuse for any gospel preacher to be boring when he preaches. How can you be boring when you preach from the Bible which tells us about the greatest spectacular ever, ever imagined in the universe?

In I Corinthians 4, verse 9, Paul says, "For I think that God hath set forth us, the apostl ...

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