by Jerry Vines

Easter Means Forever
Jerry Vines
1 Corinthians 15:12-20

Centuries ago a man asked as question, ''If a man dies, shall he live again?'' It was a man who was going through unbelievable circumstances. He had just lost all ten of his children in one terrible disaster. He was afflicted with a terminal disease. He didn't expect to live. Out of that tragedy and heartache and crisis he posed the question, ''If a person dies, is that all there is? Will they live again?''

Teri Schiavo is in the last days of her life. Perhaps she is in the last hours of her life. Unless something takes place, she is going to die very soon. If Teri Schiavo dies, will she live again?

But let's bring it a little bit closer. Not if, but when you and I die, will we live again? Is there anything after death? We live. We die. Will we live again?

There are some who say absolutely not. They say that when you die, then that's the end of the matter. There is nothing beyond death. Death is the end of it all. Absolutely not.

But for most of us such pessimism is not very satisfying. Isn't there something in us that makes us want to believe that we are going to live again after we die? We look around us and nature seems to say that there is going to be life after death. Winter comes and the flowers die and the grass turns brown. But then spring comes and the flowers begin to blossom again and the grass turns green again. Nature seems to say that there is life after death.

There is something down deep inside of us which causes us to want to believe that though we die, we are going to live again. There's going to be life after death. It is an important question.

The Bible gives its answer. The Bible says, ''Yes, we may die, but after we die we live again.'' In fact, the Bible goes a step further and says that not only are we going to live again, but we are going to live forever.

We have a little chorus that we used to sing that I found myself singing again this week. The little ...

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