by Jerry Vines

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The Suffering Servant (10 of 12)
Series: Isaiah
Jerry Vines
Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Chapter 52, verse 13, says, ''Behold, my servant.'' This is one of a series of servant songs, which God revealed to Isaiah.

We briefly talked about the matter of these servant songs last Wednesday night in our study and pointed out the fact that ultimately all of these servant songs find their fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ. That's certainly the way the New Testament views it. There are many New Testament passages which refer these servant songs of Isaiah to the Lord Jesus Christ.

What Isaiah is writing here was ultimately fulfilled in the life and work of Jesus. Keep in mind that he was writing 700 years before Jesus came into the world.

What Isaiah was looking forward to see, we look backward to see. What he was looking toward in prophecy, we look back in history.

We come to Isaiah 53. It actually begins in chapter 52. You know that the chapters and verses were added much later than the time they were written in order to make it easy for you to find the passage in the Bible. But really it begins in verse 12 of the previous chapter.

Isaiah 53 is the most quoted chapter in the New Testament from the Old Testament. It is quoted in nine different New Testament books, including all four of the Gospels. You could virtually reconstruct Isaiah 53 from passages in the New Testament.

Isaiah, by inspiration, takes us to the cross of Calvary. Someone said, ''It's as if Isaiah was painting in advance a portrait of which Jesus Christ is the original.'' It's as if Isaiah was sitting at the foot of the cross when he wrote these verses. In fact, this is the most detailed description of what our Savior suffered on the cross you will find anywhere in the Bible.

When you go to the Gospel accounts and read about the crucifixion, most of it is just veiled over. You are not given elaborate descriptions. Yet, 700 years before the fact, Isaiah gives us elaborate descriptio ...

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