by Jerry Vines

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The King in His Beauty (6 of 12)
Series: Isaiah
Jerry Vines
Isaiah 32-35

As you have followed this study in the book of Isaiah, you know, of course, that we are just hitting some of the high points on this particular Old Testament prophecy. But I hope what I'm doing is at least wetting your appetite to study it in depth yourself and to read through it. As you plow through some of these passages, you will find some beautiful pictures and wonderful, glorious truth and some precious promises. Tonight we are going to talk about "The King in His Beauty."

As you move through Isaiah's prophecy you will notice that the Lord revealed to Isaiah pictures about the future. Many of the things that Isaiah had to say were specifically applicable to the day in which he lived. Of course, we study them because we believe the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit and that He gives us timeless eternal truth which applies in any age.

In addition to that, God gave to Isaiah visions of the future, things that would come to pass out in the future. In fact, God showed Isaiah some things that haven't happened yet. He revealed to Isaiah the coming kingdom of God on the earth. The Bible predicts that there will be a kingdom of God on this earth. In the book of the Revelation it is referred to as the thousand years. That's where we get the word millennium.

There is going to be a millennial reign of Christ for a thousand years on this earth. If there is going to be a kingdom, then there has to be a king. You can't have a kingdom unless you have a king. God revealed to Isaiah and he proclaims, as you move along through his prophecy, that the King is coming.

One of the things you have to understand about the Old Testament prophets and Isaiah, in particular, is that God revealed to these prophets the first coming and also the second coming of Jesus. The virgin birth, for instance, was a prediction about the first coming of Jesus. Some of the things we are ...

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