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The Astonishing Middle East Solution (5 of 12)
Series: Isaiah
Jerry Vines
Isaiah 19

We are going to look at the entire chapter. We are told in the first verse what this chapter is about. The subject matter is "The burden of Egypt."

You will remember that right in this particular section of Isaiah's prophecy we have a series of burdens, messages from the Lord. They are a series of statements about God's judgment on a variety of nations.

In chapter 15 there is the burden of Moab. God had a special message to the people of Moab. In chapter 17 there is the burden of Damascus and there is a message there to Damascus. In chapter 21 there is the burden of the desert of the sea. We are right in the middle of this section that has to do with the burden sermons that God gave to Isaiah.

Another thing we know about Isaiah is that though he lived hundreds of years before the birth of the Lord Jesus, God gave him revelation concerning things in the future, prophecies related to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Isaiah prophesied the virgin birth of Jesus in Isaiah 7, verse 14. When you take these prophecies of Isaiah about what he said about Jesus and then go into your New Testament, you will see the accuracy of what Isaiah had to say about the Lord Jesus.

God gave Isaiah prophecies in addition to those about the Lord Jesus. God gave him prophecies about various nations of the world and what was going to happen to them. God gave him prophecies about the Second Coming of Jesus. We can have confidence that the prophecies yet to be fulfilled of Isaiah will be fulfilled because everything he said about Jesus came to pass just exactly as Isaiah said it would.

In fact, Isaiah gives prophecies about the end times. He goes all the way and predicts the millennium. The Bible says that there is going to be a thou
sand years of peace on the earth. It's going to be a millennium of peace, a thousand years. The book of the Revelation makes this pr ...

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