by Jerry Vines

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Converting Saints and Sinners (22 of 22)
Series: Behave Yourself
Jerry Vines
James 5:19-20

The book of James is perhaps the most practical, down-to-earth book in all of the New Testament. It is written by James, the half brother of our Lord, who heard the Lord Jesus as He spoke and gave that great Sermon on the Mount perhaps, who heard the things that Jesus had to say along the way as He talked about practical living. He saw the Lord Jesus Christ in their own home live out what it really meant to be what God wants you to be in your daily life.

James now has written us a very practical and a very down-to-earth book which has as its emphasis "Behave Yourself," a belief that behaves.

The question is, what will be the final subject? After having dealt with all of these practical matters, now what will James use to close the letter? He has been talking about in this chapter the healing of the body. Now he comes in these closing verses to the healing of the soul.

The healing of the body is a wonderful thing. It's wonderful when God heals in answer to prayer. It's wonderful when God touches the human body. But the Bible makes it very clear to us that more important than the healing of the body is the healing of the soul, the importance of the spiritual, the primacy of the spiritual.

Sometimes it is easy for us to get things a little bit out of balance. Sometimes if we are not very careful we'll put all of the emphasis on the material instead of on the spiritual. Yet you will discover that Jesus said, "The Lord knows about all the material things that we need of." But He says also, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you." What He's saying is, "You put your emphasis on the spiritual, and God will also provide the material."

Look at these two verses as we conclude. I want you to notice that there is a word around which these verses revolve. You will notice in verse 19 that ...

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