by Jerry Vines

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Healing for the Sick (20 of 22)
Series: Behave Yourself
Jerry Vines
James 5:14-16a

When the Lord Jesus walked on this earth in a physical body, He was interested in the needs of people. Everywhere Jesus went, He went about doing good and He went about touching the lives of people where they hurt.

He went about forgiving their sins. He went about relieving the deep fears and emotional turmoil of their life, and He also healed people of their physical illnesses. He went about preaching and teaching, and the Bible says that He went about healing all manner of sickness and disease among them.

The church is the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus does through His spiritual body on the earth today the kinds of things He did when He was walking on this earth in a physical body. The church of the Lord Jesus is also to be interested in the needs of people.

When people come to a church which bears the name of the Lord Jesus, they should expect their needs to be met. A church meets needs in a variety of ways. Of course, our number one ministry is to meet the spiritual needs of people, to tell people about the cross where Jesus died so that they might be forgiven of their sins, so that they might have the peace of God which passes all understanding, so they can learn to grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and learn about that wonderful place called heaven to which they will go one day. So we meet the spiritual needs of people.

We also meet the emotional needs of people. When people get saved, they come into the Christian life with much of the baggage of the old life. Though the Lord forgives you of your sins, some of those hang ups and some of that emotional baggage you bring into your life as a believer are still there. For many people it takes a period of years to work through some of these emotional issues.

We have a family ministry in our church, and we have excellent counselors who take the Word of God and bring the B ...

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