by Jerry Vines

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He's at the Door (18 of 22)
Series: Behave Yourself
Jerry Vines
James 5:7-12

We're moving rapidly to the conclusion of our study of this book, but there are some wonderful truths which are given to us in this fifth chapter. This evening I want to talk to you on the subject "He's at the Door."

It is the teaching of the Bible that just before the Lord Jesus Christ returns to the earth again, there are going to be days of trouble and times of difficulty. In II Timothy 3, verse 1, it says, "This know, also, that in the last days perilous times shall come." It will be especially true before the Lord Jesus returns again that God's people are going to have special pressures and special temptations.

There will be special pressures upon the people of God in the last days. There will be pressures from the world, pressures of the flesh, and pressures from the devil. The temptation for the people of God, the pressure in those last days, will be to give up and quit keeping on for the Lord Jesus. There will be special temptations in the last days for God's people, unusual temptations that will come to the people of God in the last days.

So the Bible encourages God's people. In the days before the Lord Jesus Christ returns we are encouraged, and we are encouraged to be patient and to stay with the job and to not give up. There is a truth which encourages God's people and sustains God's people in the last days, and it is the truth of the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ.

G. Campbell Morgan is one of the great Bible teachers of all time. I suppose I have every book he ever wrote. He made a statement which I have thought a great deal about in relation to the coming again of Jesus. He says, "The coming of the Lord is the perpetual light shining on the path which makes the present bearable." Think about that for a moment.

In the days of the New Testament there was a code word which God's people would use with one another. When they we ...

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