by Jerry Vines

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The Revival You Need (14 of 22)
Series: Behave Yourself
Jerry Vines
James 4:7-12

I'm really glad to be back in our regular series of studies of God's Word. What we try to do is take a book of the Bible and go through that book verse by verse and see what God has to say for us.

Very soon now I will begin a series of studies on Wednesday nights in the book of Isaiah. Some time in the future I intend to do a series on the book of Jeremiah, and I plan to do some studies in the book of Deuteronomy. When I do that, if the Lord lets me live long enough to do that and gives me the time to do that, then in the years I have been your pastor I will have had a series of messages through every book of the Bible. That's something I would like to do if the Lord would be pleased.

The good news is that wherever you are in the Bible, God's got something for you. It's God's Word. This is not man's word. This is God's Word. When we read the Bible, God is talking to us; and we want to hear what God has to say to us.

These verses today tell us about ''The Revival You Need,'' and the revival I need. We need national revival. We need a revival in our land. We need church revival. Our church needs a reviving, a quickening, from the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit. But I'm talking in particular this evening to you personally, to you individually. I want to talk to you one on one about the revival you need.

A revival is bringing to life that which has previously had life. Revive means to live again. You cannot have revival until you have had ''vival.'' You cannot live again until you have lived. God's people have been born again. They have been made alive by the Lord Jesus Christ. But along the way there are those seasons of our life, there are those times in our life, when we need a new stirring of the Spirit of God, when we need a new quickening of our spiritual life. Personal revival is the revival you need.

Gypsy Smith, who was an evangelist of another day, s ...

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