by Jerry Vines

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Pleasure Mad Living (12 of 22)
Series: Behave Yourself
Jerry Vines
James 4:1-3

It's interesting sometimes how the messages tie together on Sunday. This morning I talked about loving life. It said that those of us who would love life and see good days would do certain things. This evening, James is going to give us a warning in James 4, the first three verses, about ''Pleasure Mad Living.''

There are basically two ways for a person to live his or her life. You can live your life with a passion for yourself and a passion for pleasure or you can live your life with a passion for God. You can live to please yourself or you can live to please the Lord.

The Bible says that Jesus lived to please the heavenly Father. Romans 15, verse 3, says, ''For even Christ pleased not himself.'' When Jesus came into this world He did not live His life in order to please Himself. In fact, in John 8 Jesus said, ''I do always those things that please him.'' What a statement to make. Would to God that every one of us could say, ''I do always live to please Him.'' But you and I know that's not true. We know that we are living in a pleasure mad society.

America is pleasure mad. You do know that, don't you? We have gone pleasure crazy in this country. We are a country of entertainment, a country of sports. It's almost out of control.

I'm probably one of the biggest football fans in this church. I love my football. We love our athletics. I come from a little county seat town in Georgia. ''Friday Night lights'' is big time. In fact, I got to go on Friday night to see my high school team play. They were 11-0 at the time. They won 12-0. They lost Friday night so they are out of the playoffs.

But we love our athletics and our sports. In their place it's fine for our entertainment. It's fine to have entertainment centers in our house, or media centers. It's fine to enjoy the pleasures that we have in life, but if you're not very careful you can let these kinds of things domina ...

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