by Jerry Vines

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Color Me Trouble (2 of 22)
Series: Behave Yourself
Jerry Vines
James 1:2-4, 12

On Sunday evenings we're looking into the book of James around the theme ''Behave Yourself.'' This is the book about Christian behavior and living the Christian life successfully, joyfully, and with great testimony.

In James 1 beginning in verse 2 you will notice some parallels between the verses this evening and the verses from this morning. We're going to go deeper in one facet of what we discussed this morning.

The title for the sermon this evening is ''Color Me Trouble.'' There may be some people here tonight who are saying, ''That's my color. Trouble is my color.''

There is a common misconception about the Christian life. There is the idea that when a person gives their life to Christ they will never, ever have any more troubles. There are some people who think that once you become a Christian, life is going to be smooth sailing from that point on. Everything is going to work out fine. You'll never have any heartaches. You'll never have any troubles. You'll never have any difficulties. The Christian life is going to be a bed of roses.

If you think that the Christian life is a bed of roses, you are in for a big, big surprise. The Christian life is not an easy life. The Bible says that believers are special people, but the Bible does not say that believers are sheltered people. Troubles, problems, difficulties, and heartaches come to the people of God just as much as they come to those who do not know the Lord. So we're going to talk tonight about the whole area of trouble and what you are to do as a believer with the troubles that come into your life.

Unfortunately, many people live their life like a cork on the water. On the water, that cork reacts to whatever goes on. Whatever waves comes by, whatever storms arise on the water, the cork just reacts to whatever is going on around it.

But as you study these verses of scriptures, you're going to discover tha ...

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