by Steve Wagers

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Just a Closer Walk With Thee! (14 of 19)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book: JAMES
Steve N. Wagers
James 4:6-10
July 17, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. The Control God Desires!
A. The Passion of God toward Our Life!
B. The Provision of God for Our Life!
2. The Commitment God Deserves!
A. How We Must Stand!
B. Where We Must Stay!
3. The Cleansing God Demands!
A. The Proper Action for Sin!
B. The Proper Attitude Toward Sin!

* Since early in my ministry I have had a great admiration and appreciation for the life and ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. I have had the opportunity of retracing his life and visiting many places that were significant in the life and ministry of Charles Spurgeon.

* I have been to the house where he was born in Kelvedon, England. I have visited the little village of Stambourne and the church of his grandfather, where and with whom he spent several years of his childhood. I have been to Colchester and the little Primitive Methodist Church where he was saved. I have sit in the very place he was sitting the day he was saved.

* I have stood on the banks of the River Lark where he was baptized. I have stood where he preached his first sermon and as well visited the first Church he pastored in the little town of Waterbeach . I have attended services at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London where during his ministry it was one of the largest churches in the world, if not the largest.

* I have in my library numerous books by Spurgeon. One of my cherished possessions is one of his actual sermon outlines. I have been an avid reader of his sermons and devoured biography after biography of his life. My interest in his life and ministry only continues to grow as I learn more of him and become better acquainted with him.

* Of all the things I have read about Spurgeon and all the things he said, I don't guess anything gripped my heart any more than one particular statement he made. In one of his sermons he made the ...

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