by Steve Wagers

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The Proof Is in the Pudding! (10 of 19)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book: JAMES
Steve N. Wagers
James 2:14-26
April 3, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. A Meaningless Faith!
A. A False Profession!
B. A Futile Profession!
2. A Useless Faith!
A. Works are the Evidence of our Faith!
B. Works are the Exhibition of our Faith!
3. A Priceless Faith!
A. The Dramatic Faith of Abraham!
B. The Dynamic Faith of Rahab!!

* George Sweeting, in his book on James, "How To Solve Conflicts," told the story of Blondin, the great tightrope walker. While performing on a cable across Niagara Falls, he asked his audience, "How many believe that I can walk across this tightrope pushing a wheelbarrow?" The people cheered loudly. He then asked, "How many believe that I can push the wheelbarrow across the cable with a man in it?" Again, there was a loud roar of cheers. Blondin then pointed to one of the most enthusiastic men in the audience and said, "All right, you're my man. Get into the wheelbarrow." Needless to say, the man ran like a scalded dog.

* Someone once said that "Salvation is like the measles. If you get it, it will pop out on you." If I may put it that way, in our text, James speaks of salvation "popping" out on the believer. He is speaking of a salvation that is demonstrated through works.

* As we look at the text we see that James speaks of a real faith and a revealed faith. He speaks of a false faith and a fruitless faith. He speaks of the difference between a profession and a possession. He speaks of one that says he has faith and one that shows he has faith.

* These verses have sparked many a theological debate down through the years. There are 2 apparent views: one, overemphasizes faith while forgetting works; while the other, overemphasizes works while forgetting faith. James seeks to give a balance of faith and works.

* The problem that many have with this passage of scripture is a result of a failure to distinguish between ...

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