by Steve Wagers

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Get that Dust off the Bible! (7 of 19)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book: JAMES
Steve N. Wagers
James 1:19-25
February 27, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. The Bible Demands Our Undivided Attention!
A. Readiness in our Hearing!
B. Restraint with our Speaking!
C. Removal from our Living!
2. The Bible Deserves our Unmatched Appreciation!
A. The Welcome we must Extend to the Word!
B. The Work we must Expect from the Word!
3. The Bible Delivers our Unlimited Abundance!
A. The Danger of a Casual Glance!
B. The Delight of a Careful Gaze!

* A teacher in New England quizzed a group of college-bound high school juniors and seniors on their knowledge of the Bible. The answers were astounding. Some of their responses to the questions showed that they believed that "Sodom and Gomorrah were lovers;" "Jezebel was Ahab's donkey;" and the New Testament gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, Luther and John." Some of the answers given were "Eve was created from an apple;" and, "Jesus was baptized by Moses."

* However, quite possibly the most astounding answer given was given by a student who ranked in the top 5 percent of his class. When asked, "What is Golgotha?" The student replied, "Golgotha is the name of the giant who slew the apostle David."

* A recent gallup poll revealed that:
- 82% of Americans believe that the Bible is the literal, inspired Word of God.
- 51% have never read the Bible
- Of the 33% that claim to read the Bible monthly, half couldn't name the four gospels.
* George Barna conducted a survey among professing "born again" Christians and showed that:
- 18 percent (2 out of 10) read the Bible every day, and even worse,
- 23 percent (1 in 4) professing Christians say they never read the Bible.
Someone has written:
I am the Bible.
I am God's wonderful library.
I am always--and above all--the truth.
To the weary pilgrim, I am a good, strong staff.
To the one ...

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