by Steve Wagers

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All in the Family! (3 of 19)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book: JAMES
Steve N. Wagers
James 1:9-11

Sermon Outline
1. Family Position!
A. An Interesting Variety!
B. An Impressive Unity!
2. Family Participation!
A. The Condition of the Man in Poverty!
B. The Condition of the Man with Plenty!
3. Family Pride!
A. The Realization of the Man with Little!
B. The Humiliation of the Man with Much!

* Debuting as a mid-season replacement series on January 12, 1971, All in the Family became one of the most influential comedies in television history and made an immediate impact on the entire television industry. All In The Family pioneered a whole new brand of realistic, frank and hard-hitting satire based on the real world, rather than the naive escapism of most entertainment programs. The sitcom revolves around blue-collar worker Archie Bunker and his wife Edith, daughter Gloria, and her college student/husband Michael.

* Bigoted, opinionated and uneducated, Archie makes no bones about his racial and political views, which are borne out of every negative stereotype imaginable. Some of the greatest commentary and comedic moments come from the verbal sparring between the narrow-minded Archie and the thoughtful, liberal "Meathead," son-in-law, Michael. The sitcom definitely gave a new concept to the perverbial "all-American family." 1

* As we continue our study of the epistle of James, we come to a section where James is speaking of family matters, and he reminds us that, spiritually speaking, these matters are all in the family.

* I love the song written by Bill Gaither entitled "The Family of God." A young family in their home church, Ron and Darlene Garner and their three children inspired the song. As Gloria Gaither tells it:

"It was the Saturday after Good Friday that Ron went in for work at the garage where he was serving as a mechanic. He was making up time that he had taken off the previous Thursday ...

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