by Robert Walker

A Leader Has Fallen
Robert Walker
Joshua 1:2

Moses was dead. The closing chapters of Deuteronomy are taken up with this honored servant of Christ. What a great leader he was! His years of leadership were marked by trails, tests and triumph. From his birth to his burial his life was unique and unusual.

God used him in one of the most critical times for the people of the world. He served his generation well. He was called upon to transform a motley crowd of people into an organized aggressive nation. He being dead yet speaketh. What does he have to say?


"And this is the blessing wherewith Moses the man of God blessed the Children of Israel before his death. And he said... " (Duet 33:1-3) before he died he raised his voice in blessing upon the people of God. And he said!

So there stood Moses, the morning sun shining above him. Standing tall and strong, he was 120 years old but in all those years he strength had not waned and his eyes had not grown dim. He was as strong as ever as he walked away from his tent to take care of this day's business.

In his words to them he tells them about God. He also told them that they had his heart. "Yea, He loved the people, all His saints are in Thy hand.

Yes we are loved by Him with a love that is unchanging. We should listen to Him and learn of Him. We lie in hands, do we not?

Underneath are the everlasting arms." We lean on His arms and are lifted on His shoulders. Moses before he died blessed the people by bringing them into the presence of God, and telling them of his infinite resources and deepest compassion.

Moses' final words are important, the things he said to God's people on that last day are very significant, and they have tremendous application for us as well.

(1) GOD'S POWER [29:2-4]

Moses reminds God's people that it was with their own eyes that they saw the great powerful wonders of God performed in Egypt. With their own eyes they saw the plagues of blood ...

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