by Jerry Branch

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If You're Weary, Who's Doing the Leading? (5 of 11)
Series: Becoming all God wants you to be
Gerald Branch
Psalm 23:2

How to get rid of weary...let Jesus lead!

(This message was inspired in part from Max Lucado's Book, Traveling Light)

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me besides quiet waters.
- Ps. 23:1-2

"He leads me beside the quiet waters.''

Like the rest of verse 2, this part also is speaking to living a life free from anxiety, free from lacking for need, and free from the stresses of worry.
When we picture the 'quiet waters', those are those places where our souls can take a deep breath and relax, knowing that everything is alright! Only Jesus can take you to those places of quiet water.

J. Vernon McGee says that Sheep are frightened by 'turbulent water.' Gini and I like to go canoeing...and there's nothing that strikes fear into the hearts of two rank amateur canoeing enthusiasts, than seeing 'white-water' when we just wanted to quietly meander down a stream. Do you seem to be wandering by streams of 'white-water' instead of 'still waters?'

McGee then goes on to say, that, 'the sheep also don't like stagnant water.' In other words, they don't want to drink where the hogs drink. You know something? I think that applies to the human family as well. Still, clean water is sure a lot better to be around than smelling old muddy water with a bunch of hogs wallowing in it, when you're thirsty.

Let's ask a couple questions...
Have you been hanging around 'turbulent waters' and getting uptight?
Have you been going to the stream to get a drink
only to find your 'life-hogs' got there first
and now it's a muddy mess?

If you have, then maybe you feel a bit like King David...Remember what David said in Psalm 55:4-6:
"4 My heart shudders within me; terrors of death sweep over me. 5 Fear and trembling grip me; horror has overwhelmed me.6 I said, "I ...

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