by Jerry Branch

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Letting Go Of Wanting Just A Little Bit More (3 of 11)
Gerald Branch
Psalm 23:1

(This series was inspired in part on Max Lucado's Book, Traveling Light.)

Keywords: wants, desires, fulfilled; Psalm 23:1

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. - Ps. 23:1

Some people hear this and think it means, all I've got to do is just 'name it and claim it!' and God will jump through the hoop and give it!

In actuality, this passage is not talking about
'having all the desires of our hearts' fulfilled,
but instead, the Hebrew words that David uses,
(Hebrew word used: rsex' (chaser)
Which means, NOT to lack, or NOT to need, or NOT to be lacking,

All of us will probably agree, that there is a big difference between not lacking in what is needed and not lacking in any of our 'stuff' wants. The problem is though, that we Americans seem to turn our 'stuff-wants or nice to haves' into necessities.

So, in actuality, most of the stuff we call 'needs' really aren't needs at all.
So, then...How would we define stuff?
The dictionary says that 'stuff' is something used to 'fill up some space by pushing it into that place.' It says stuff is "Things...or possessions....and is also, even "having something or doing something to impress someone else."

That means, that "stuff" might fall into the classification of things that are special to us. Maybe nice jewelry, or the latest 'fad clothing.'

Maybe we've got some stuff that we've come to believe is necessary.
Stuff like cel phones for the whole family...
Our granddaughter thought she needed a cel phone a couple years ago
when she was about that she could talk to her friends anytime.

But, if we want to be all that God wants us to be, then part of that comes about from letting go of some of our desires of self, and trust God to provide for the things we need.

That brings us to the 'practical question' do we let go of stuff?
In order to do so, we need to ...

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