by Jerry Branch

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Let Go of a 'Little God' (1 of 11)
Series: Becoming all that God wants us to be!
Gerald Branch
Psalm 23:1a

(This series of message was inspired in part on Max Lucado's Book, Traveling Light.)

Today we're starting a new series...and we'll be looking at several passages, like Psalm 23:1, and Exodus 3:1-15 so that we can let go of the 'little God' mindset that most of us have...

To see what kind of mindset you have, ask yourself these questions:
Do you sometimes feel like God must be
too busy to hear you,
because you've been calling out,
but it seems like either the phone rings busy, or no one answers?
Do you sometimes feel like you're carrying
the whole weight of the world on your own shoulders,
and it sure would be good for God to reach down
and lighten your load, because it is sure getting awfully heavy?

If that's where you are, then you've probably fallen prey to
the 'little God syndrome"...
and you need to let go of your 'little' God
and turn to the Real God,
because the key to discovering
just how big our God really is, is to realize Who He is...
because He truly can, and He truly will, and He really does...
So, to find out just how big our God really is,
let's go to the Word.
I love the 23d Psalm...David shows us so many great truths
that help us appreciate our God.
This morning, we're only going to look at two words...
two words from the first verse...
Because these two words, are the most important words
you'll ever see in the Bible...
The Lord... - Ps. 23:1a

The Hebrew word used here is: Yah•weh • ??????
Our English translation is: "Lord" – Yahweh is the proper name of God.
Let's do a little Bible research for just a moment...
The word Yahweh or Jehovah,
occurs some 6,823 times in the Bible.
And did you know that the Hebrews considered
this Name so holy that they would not even pronounce it,
nor would they even write it out,
because they feared that th ...

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