by Robert Walker

Why Could Not We Cast Him Out?
Robert Walker
Mark 9:28

A few years ago a family was enjoying their new home in a new area of the country that a new job brought them to. The home itself was not newly built, but it was a new and wonderful place for them and their two small children.

One night, at prayer time, their five-year-old daughter started to get upset. She said, "Mommy, Daddy, pray that our house doesn't catch on fire. Ask Jesus to keep us out of a fire." So they prayed that Jesus would protect them.

The same thing happened at prayer time the following night, but she was even more upset and scared. She couldn't sleep. Finally, for a third night they went through the same thing. The little girls family were wondering what was going on. The next day half of the house's electricity went out. My friends called a neighbor who was a real handyman and had electrician type of background. He came to take a look.

This gentleman was not a churchgoer or a Christian, but when he found the problem, he said, "It is a miracle that your house did not burn down." The arcing and sparking live wires that he discovered in a basement electrical box should have started a fire. That evening, without knowing about the electrical problem that was now repaired, the five-year-old daughter went to bed peacefully.

The incident in which this question occurs is not only recorded in Mark 9:14-29, but also in Matthew 17:14-21 and Luke 9:37-45. When you read those scriptures you have a picture of what happened.

It was certainly a humiliating experience for the Disciples. Crowds of people were following them and when they were faced with the lunatic boy they should to deliver him from h is demon-possession but found they were completely powerless.

Everybody witnessed their confusion and humiliation and it was quite natural that after our Lord Himself had perform the miracle and set the boy free they should come to Him and ask the question" "Why could n ...

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