by Daniel Rodgers

Why Do the Heathen Rage?
Dan Rodgers
Psalms 2:1-12
July 31, 2005


According to Acts 4:25, 26, David is the author of this Psalm. Chapter 2 is what we refer to as a Messianic Psalm, meaning that it refers to and speaks of Christ, the Messiah. Here in these 12 verses, David describes the rebellion of nations and the coming of Christ to establish his kingdom. And when you read this passage, you cannot help but realize that it speaks of the day in which we live--a time of rebellion against God and His people. The nations of the world have turned against Him. They seek to free themselves from His rule.

People often think that if they can just get away from God and remove any reminders of Him they'll be free. They join together in one voice and say, Let us break their bands and cast away their cords from us (vs. 3).

Listen, the only real freedom is found in Jesus Christ: In John 8:36, the Word of God declares, If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. How sad, the only One who can truly free them is the same One they reject.

Today a person would have to be asleep to not notice that there exists an evil, driving force behind the on going effort to remove any reminders that we were once a Christian nation, founded upon Christian principles. We are witnessing the erosion of those values and traditions right before our very eyes.

ILLUS: Allow me to share a recent article by Pete Winn, associate editor of CitizenLink. He begins by quoting from David Limbaugh's new book, Persecution:

Some elements of American society are waging a war against Christianity and the freedom of Christians to be involved in public life.

Think that's overblown rhetoric? Consider the following:

• An Alabama Supreme Court justice is drummed out of office for refusing to remove a statue that commemorates the sources of American law -- including the Ten Commandments -- from the rotunda of the state judicial center.

• ...

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