by Stan Coffey

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Loving People As Jesus Loved Them (2 of 6)
Stan Coffey
Matthew 9:36

We are in a series of sermons entitled "What Would Jesus Do?" And today I am going to talk about "Loving People As Jesus Loved People". In these messages we will be talking about loving people as Jesus loved them, touching people as Jesus touched them, and seeing people as Jesus saw them. Following the example of Jesus Christ, because you know what the Bible says? It says that when Jesus came the common people heard Him gladly. Our verse for this entire series is Matthew 9:36.

Matthew 9:36 (KJV) "But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd."

When Jesus saw the multitudes, when He saw the people, He was moved with compassion. Now, turn to Jude 1:22 and again we will read about compassion. We read about loving people as Jesus loved them. When Jesus saw the multitudes, His heart overflowed with love. And here in Jude 1:22-23 is a tremendous statement about loving people as Jesus loved them. It says, "And of some have compassion, making a difference: 23And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh."

Notice here he says "And of some have compassion, making a difference:" And notice the phrase "... pulling them out of the fire..." We use to sing the song "Rescue the perishing, care for the dying, snatch them in pity from sin and the grave. Weep o're the erring one, lift up the falling. Tell them of Jesus the mighty to save." That is what we are talking about when we talk about loving people as Jesus loves them, having compassion, because compassion really makes the difference.
Now when you look at the Word of God, there is no question that the heart of the Lord Jesus was for people. In fact the Bible says Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. When I think about rescuing t ...

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