by Robert Walker

Power of Prayer for Problems
Robert Walker
Philippians 4:6

About 20 years ago, Time Magazine featured on its cover 5 missionary families & honored them for their many years of devoted service to others. One of those was the J. Russell Morse family

J. Russell went back just as the communists were taking the interior of China. It wasn't long until communist soldiers came to get him, & they said, "Come with us." He asked, "Can I take some clothing & bedding with me?" They said, "No, you won't need anything. We'll take good care of you." But in his memoirs he later wrote that he knew they weren't telling the truth.

For 18 months he was held in a communist prison, with 15 of those months spent in solitary confinement. His small cell had no window, only a small hole high up to let in a little bit of light & air, & no bed, just filthy straw on the floor.

For 15 months he was never able to see or speak to anyone. Just once a day a small panel was opened in the bottom of his cell door & a bowl of food shoved through. He had no Bible, nothing to read. They had even taken away his glasses, so that he could barely see.

In his memoirs he later wrote, "The only things that helped me keep my sanity during that period were the Bible verses & hymns I had memorized.

And the one verse that kept me going the most was Philippians 4:6: 'Don't be anxious about anything. Pray about everything and with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.'"

He wrote, "If there was ever a time to be anxious, it was when I was in that prison. And if there ever was a time when it was difficult to pray & be thankful, it was then. But I kept repeating those words in my mind over & over again."

There are three things about that I want us to look at this morning:-


Paul said, " everything by prayer and supplication." The words that he uses speak of presenting your needs to God. They speak of laying your petitions before God i ...

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