by Robert Walker

The Greatest Salvation
Robert Walker
Hebrews 2:3

Two men were standing on the end of a pier. Suddenly a third man rushed past them and plunged into the water. The two men threw in a coil of rope and it fell right across the man in the water. They cried out, "Catch it, and we will pull you in!"

The man looked at the rope and said, "It's very kind of you..." and went down and drowned.

Is it possible that, although at such tremendous cost God has made salvation available to you and you are saying to Him, "It is very kind of you..." and that is all? You are neglecting this great salvation? You are just doing nothing about it? If that is true, how will you escape...?

During World War II a young army captain was hit by enemy fire while dragging a seriously wounded sergeant to safety. Both were taken to an army hospital. The officer died, but the rescued soldier re covered. The captain's parents, having been informed about the heroism of their son, invited the sergeant to their home for dinner.

He accepted the invitation, but when he arrived he was not only late, but in a half-intoxicated condition. All the while he was there he acted boorishly, said nothing about the one who had saved his life, wolfed down his food, and left without even saying thanks for their gracious hospitality.

As soon as he had gone, the mother burst into tears, exclaiming, 'To think that our son had to die for an ungrateful person like that!'

In the New Testament there are three unanswered questions- Mark 8:36; I Peter 4:17 and the question that forms the theme of this study which is found in Hebrews 2:3 which is one of the most searching and solemn questions that has ever been asked. This verse falls into three divisions. First it speaks about

(1) A Great Provision – Salvation
(2) A Great Peril- Neglect
(3) A Great Problem- escape.


What is the great provision that God has made for you, for me and for everybody? The answer to t ...

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