by Ken Trivette

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How to Storm Proof Your Marriage (3 of 3)
Series: How to Storm Proof Your Marriage
Ken Trivette
Matthew 7:24-27

1. There are times when all marriages need a little help in getting things back on the right track. However, there are some things I would not recommend. For example, there is the story of William Dahlby of La Crosse, Wisconsin, who said in court that he was only trying to scare his wife on the evening that he threw a live electrical wire into his wife's bath. After spending the day together taking a long walk and motorcycle ride, he drew her bath and then dropped the cord into the water. His wife jumped out and he tried to push her back in the tub. She finally got free and ran. His explanation was that he hoped a near-death experience would save their marriage. Dahlby was convicted of attempted first-degree murder on October 27, 2004. I would suggest that there are other ways to put the spark back in your marriage.

2. Then there is the story of the Okalahoma man desperate to save his marriage. Trent Spencer of Edmond, Okalahoma, a high school teacher, paid two students $100 each to break into his house and try to make off with a stereo. His objective was to stage a fake crime and appear to be a hero to his wife. The masked students tied his wife with duct tape and the husband came in just in time to foil the supposed crime. Spencer attacked the two students in a choreographed fight, even hitting one with a board that he had cut to break in half. The plan was going well until Spencer's wife freed herself and called the police, something Spencer did not anticipate. Police rushed to the scene and eventually tracked down the fake burglars. Spencer ended up in police custody and was charged with the misdemeanor crime of filing a false report. I guess you could call this the case of the man who went from the doghouse to the jailhouse, from hero to zero.

3. Let me just say that there are better ways to save your marriage. For the past three weeks w ...

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