by Ken Trivette

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What Kind of Marriage Do You Have? (2 of 3)
Series: Storm Proofing Your Marriage
Ken Trivette
Matthew 7:24-27

1. George Barna in his book If Things Are So Good, Why Do I Feel So Bad, writes: "During the last three decades, the American people have questioned virtually every foundation of family life, including the very definition of a family...Without much fanfare, we have shifted from a nation in which 'family' meant a group of people related to each other by marriage, birth, or adoption to a country that now defines family as all those people we deeply care about and who deeply care about us."

2. Later Barna shares a quote by a professor from a liberal arts college located in the Midwest that reflects how our society thinks about the family: "It would be far superior to sanction new forms of marriage and parenting and family than to resist modern realities and cling to old ways which no longer work. We ought to free the family to be what it must become: the sum of love relationships expressed in whatever forms that love must take. Defending old traditions and standards which no longer fit our culture makes little sense."1

3. Well, I make no apologies for it, but I am a defender of the old traditions and standards when it comes to the family. Furthermore, regardless of what our culture may say about things, the old ways still work. Let me take that one step forward and say that God's ways still work. That is really the rub with our culture. They want their way instead of God's way and that is why the American family is in trouble. The simple truth of the matter is that we do not need to sanction new forms of marriage and family in order to free the family to be what it must become. We simply need to apply the already sanctioned forms that God has given us in His Word. I believe that God gives us the forms that enable us to have happy and healthy marriages and families.

4. As we turn to God's Word for help in our marriages, we are looking at two hou ...

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