by Robert Walker

The Signs of the Times: What Are They?
Robert Walker
Matthew 24

Two little girls were talking and one of them said I understand the school board is going to send representatives to our school and the one little girl who kept a messy desk said well I will clean up my desk next week.

And the other little girl said well we don't know when they are coming. What if they come this week? She said well I will clean it up tomorrow. She said but what if they came today. She said well I will clean it up this after noon. She said what if they come in the morning. She said I better clean it up now.

Suppose there was a bomb in this pulpit and I didn't know when it was going off. Five years or five months or five weeks.

Five days or five seconds but I knew it was here. And it might go off in 5 seconds. For I believe if you believe that I believe it was here neither of us would be here –right,

I mean we don't know when it is going off. But we
Know it is going off. Now the same thing is true about the second coming of our Lord.

Be ye therefore ready for in such an hour as ye think not
The Son of Man cometh.

Everyone once in a while I am asked why do you believe the Bible? And in answer to that question I generally start from the fact I believe the Bible because of its HISTORICAL RECORD.

It is accurate in its history and it gives to us a span which shows us it couldn’t be written by mere man. The way the Bible is put together and the way it is understood shows that it is inspire by Spirit of God.

The second reason I give is because of its coherence and co-adhesiveness. The Bible was written over a space of over 1500 years by 30 different authors from all walks of life that had different levels of education and ability. There is only one way that could have happen and that is the Holy Spirit inspired its message.

The third reason I give is because of the experimental impact. What I mean by that is its impact on history, its impact on the world ...

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