by Robert Walker

Barzillai – Well Done
Robert Walker
II Samuel 17

I would like to say thanks to Ivor Powell and John Phillips for their great insight into this passage of scripture. I could only pray I had such insight.

It was the time of the Absalom rebellion and the enemy had come in like a flood. And the spirit of God had raised up a standard against it. It was time to change. Time for a nation to enthrone afresh in its national consciousness the Lords anointed king.

There was an old man by the name of Barzillai and David invited this old man to come and have a stake in potential national revival. And I want us to think about what he did at that time of opportunity in his life.

II Samuel 17:26... Chapter 19:31

This old man was one of the very few people who dared to take a stand for David in the days of his rejection they were not only dark days and depraved days but they were dangerous days and yet this roughed individual ignoring the ominous pretense of the hour stood up to be counted for David.

And he blazes across the velvet blackness of the sky like a meteor and then plunges back again into the obscurity from which he came.

I would like for us to think first of all the focus of Barzillai. The faithfulness of Barzillai and the failer of Barzillai

I. First of all the focus of Barzillai

Now old Barzillai knew how to keep his focus in a world of darkness. He was what we would call today a highland chief. He came from a fighting clan.

His family had been able to hold their farms and fields against tribunal feuds and against invading armies. On a clear day you could have seen Barzillais flocks and herds dotting the fields of Gilead.

And you could have seen his klansman armed to the teeth.
About as fierce and rough and ready crowd as you would ever want to meet.

(1) Barzillai knew how to focus. He lived with one eye on David's person

He had lived a very long time. He had lived all down through the years of ...

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