by Ron Dunn

Living up to that Name
Dr. Ron Dunn
Micah 2:1-10

I want you to open your Bibles to the Book of Micah. As I mentioned last Sunday, for the few weeks that I'm going to be preaching, part of that time we're going to be going through that great prophet, the Book of Micah. Today, we're reading from chapter 2. In the beginning, let me just read verses 6 and 7:

"Do not prophesy," their prophets say. "Do not prophesy
about these things; disgrace will not overtake us. Should
it be said, O house of Jacob: Is the Spirit of the Lord angry?
Does He do such things? Do not my words do good to
him whose ways are upright?"

The other day, as Kaye and I were driving up, I came up behind a semi that was carrying caskets. It was a certain casket company that I had heard of. I sort of like what they had on the back. They said, "Drive carefully, heaven can wait." I sort of like that, but when I pulled around in the front of that truck, I looked on the side and they had their advertising slogan. Their advertising slogan was, "Committed to the Dignity of Life." Now, folks, it takes a mighty imagination to put caskets and life in the same situation. What they are committed to is not the "dignity of life", but what they are committed to is the "dignity of death." Of course, you don't want to use "death" in your advertising slogan...that'd be the "death of your advertising slogan" right there, because death is not one of those words we want to hear nor one of those experiences we want to contemplate. But, as we passed by that truck, a verse of Scripture came to mind... Jesus said, "Thou hast a name that thou livest but are dead."

A lot of times the name that we have contradicts what we're about. And I think that part of Micah's word in this seventh verse is a word of sarcasm, really. Now, the Hebrew language is not as precise as the Greek language, and the Old Testament texts are much older and much rarer than the New Testament, so you'll find a variet ...

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