by Ron Dunn

Something to Weep Over
Ron Dunn
Lamentations 3:40-42

Lamentations is not a very familiar book to most of us. You'll find it right after Jeremiah. Lamentations is a book of five poems...really they're funeral poems. The word ''lamentation'' carries with it the idea of a funeral dirge or a funeral hymn, and this book contains five funeral hymns. Actually it is the fact of God's people being carried away into captivity and they are lamenting the fact that God has carried His people away into Babylonian captivity because of their sin.

I want us to read just three verses... Lamentations 3:40-42...

Let us examine and probe our ways, and let us return to the
LORD. We lift up our heart and hands toward God in heaven;
we have transgressed and rebelled, You have not pardoned.

Now you can tell a great deal about a person by discovering what it is he laments over. There are several things in our lives that give us an index and a clue to our character and one of the most significant clues is what it is that upsets us. Find out what it is that causes a person to get upset, to weep over something, to mourn over something and you get a real insight into that person's character. Whatever it is that you lament over...whatever it is that means so much to you that it causes you to grieve is a revelation of your character.

I think one of the greatest revelations of the character of Jonah is what he wept over. God had called him to go to this great and mighty city, Nineveh, where the people were condemned under the wrath of God and yet you'll never see Jonah shedding one tear over a multitude of people who are lost! And when God saved them, he gets upset over the fact that God saved them...

Do you know when we see Jonah weeping? As he sits under a tree and he sees a gourd dry up and die, he begins to weep and lament over a dried up gourd. And that sort of gives an indication to Jonah's character. Here was a man who had no lament over a city away from God but wou ...

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