by Ron Dunn

Jeremiah: A Light in the Darkness
Ron Dunn
Jeremiah 32

Jeremiah the prophet's in jail. The Chaldeans are laying siege to the city and Jeremiah has been preaching a rather unpopular message. He's been going around Jerusalem saying, ''You might as well give up, no use in fighting because God has raised up the Chaldeans and has assured them a victory and because of your sins the Chaldeans are going to overthrow the city and carry all of us into captivity, but God has promised that one of these days when the captivity is over He will restore us to the land and the land to us.''

So, Jeremiah was going around saying, ''There's no use in fighting. You're fighting a losing battle. God has ordained that you're going to lose. Therefore, why fight a losing battle and get killed and not be alive later on when God restores the land. It would be much better just to give up because we're going to lose anyway. Just give up so we'll all be alive when God brings us back.'' He was sort of preaching a ''better red than dead'' message''.

The house committee in Jerusalem activities met and they investigated Jeremiah and saw that he was preaching an unpatriotic message and they put him in jail. So, that's the background and that sort of helps us to understand what's happening.

Jeremiah 32:1-5,
Now that's the sermon that Jeremiah was preaching over and over throughout the streets of Jerusalem and it's understandable that Zedekiah threw him in jail for preaching that kind of discouraging message, isn't it?

Now while Jeremiah is languishing there in that prison something happens in verse 6. (read verses 6-10)

We'll stop there for a minute because that's enough for right now. We'll read the rest later on.

Jeremiah is in prison for preaching this traitorous message. Now, while he's in prison, he has an unusual visitor. Now there are three things that make this visit so unusual. Number one, it was a relative, Hanamel, his uncle's son. That was his cousin. The reason ...

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