by Ron Dunn

God's Battering Ram
Dr. Ron Dunn
Micah 2:12-13

Would you take your Bibles and turn to the Table of Contents? I'm serious. I want you to open them to the Table of Contents, to the Old Testament section and I want you to look under the "m's" and find Micah. Find what page it's on in your Bible and turn there. Now, I do that for a good reason. When I preach from these "minor prophets"...they're called "minor prophets" not because their message is minor, but because it's so hard to find them in the Bible. No, because the length of their message is such and it's hard to find those boys over there...they hide...Micah is hiding between Obadiah and Nahum...I know that helps you a lot. But, if I don't have folks usually to find the page and turn to it, you know, you just flip here and you flip there and after awhile you get embarrassed and you're afraid people around you will think, "Well, he doesn't know his Bible." And so, after a moment, you just sort of settle on Psalms, you know, and pretend that's the text and read from it, but I want you to find Micah because we're going to read from Micah this morning.

Years ago a Spanish philosopher said, "We do not know what is happening and that is what is happening." Now, I think that what he meant by that is that we do not know what is happening and that is what is happening. I'm almost certain that's what he meant. I think what he meant was that there is usually something significant happening but we're not aware of it. I think that's so true of us today. We're caught up by the sensational and we always notice the sensational, but the sensational is not necessarily the significant. I think many times the media captivates us with some sensational story and all the while there is really something significant happening over here that we miss.

Do you all – those of you who are old enough – remember where you were when Kennedy was shot? That's a question that is asked in our generation...and everybody ...

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