by J. Gerald Harris

Reshaping our Worldview
Gerald Harris
Acts 10:1-35

We all need a new view of our world, but only God can reshape our world and the way we view it. Today signifies the beginning of the Week of Prayer for Foreign Missions in our church, and we're to pray for missionaries who are reshaping their part of the world. And we also must seek to know what God would have us do and say to reshape our part of the world.

As Christians, we should endeavor to reshape our world by crossing cultural barriers, racial barriers, economic barriers and geographical barriers with the love and the message of Jesus Christ. Look in verses 34 and 35 of our text (read). God is "no respecter" of persons. He shows no partiality. His kingdom is for everyone. That is the principle that this passage of Scripture proclaims.

The book of Acts is the exciting story of the spread of Christianity from its provincial beginning to a place of worldwide prominence. Luke told the story of the dramatic expansion of Christianity from Jerusalem to Judea to Samaria, and then to the ends of the earth. As the gospel was spread, one barrier after another was broken down. One of those momentous barriers, or breaking experiences, is recorded in our text.

Of all the barriers in the ancient world, perhaps the barrier between the Jew and the Gentile was the most formidable. The Jews and the Gentiles were worlds apart in their thinking; completely segregated in their activity. Yet in this story we see the barrier broken down as Gentiles become a part of the Christian church along with the Jews. In this text we find the story of the conversion of Cornelius. And this story provides a beautiful illustration of how we can reshape our world view.

As we look at our text, we will discover that the focus of God's heart was upon a man by the name of Cornelius. Now, of course, we know that the focus of God's heart is upon every lost man, because the Bible says, "For ...

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