by Stan Coffey

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Power For Confident Living (7 of 7)
Series: Improving Your Self-Confidence
Stan Coffey
John 20:19-20

Today I would like for us to study God's Word in John 20. We are going to begin in verse 19 as I talk about "Power for Confident Living". This is the passage about Jesus' first appearance to the disciples who had gathered in the upper room. Some of the disciples of course had fled from the Lord. One had denied the Lord. None of them were there with the exception of John when He was crucified. And what I want us to see today is the difference resurrection makes when Christ is real to you, the difference that will make in your daily life, the presence and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One minute the disciples were defeated the next minute they became dynamic. One minute they were cowards, the next minute they were courageous. One minute they were having a pity party and the next minute they were ready to take on the world. And the same thing that made the difference in their lives is what will make a difference in our lives today.

Today as we think about "Power for Confident Living", what is it in the first place that robs us of confident living? I look at these disciples and I see three things immediately in the story of the cross and what happened afterwards. I see that the disciples were robbed of confidence by failure, by fear, and by fatigue.



Now, naturally they were fatigued because they had been through so much that previous week. Jesus came in to Jerusalem in His triumphant entry. All the crowds were shouting Hosanna, hallelujah to the One who comes in the name of the highest. It was a high emotional time in their life. they went through all the teaching that week of the Lord Jesus and then they went through the experience of the Last Supper, then out to Gethsemane where they were so tired they fell asleep even while Jesus was praying and battling the forces of hell. Then ...

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