by Stan Coffey

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Faith for Confident Living (6 of 7)
Series: Improving Your Self-Confidence
Stan Coffey
Romans 10:17

Today I would like for you to take God's Word and turn to Romans 10. We are going to read verse 17. We are continuing the series on how to improve your self image through Christ. We come to the last in the series of messages and I want to speak on the subject "Faith for Confident Living". I believe God wants His people to live not with a question mark but with an exclamation point, not to be doubting Baptists but shouting Baptists! And the Bible teaches us that the Lord wants us to live with a true confidence that comes from Him. And this verse tells us where faith comes from. We know the Bible tells us to have faith. The Bible gives us examples of great men and women who accomplish mighty things by faith but here is a verse that tells us how to get faith.

That means the more of God's Word you commit to memory, the more of God's Word you hid in your heart, the more of God's Word that you apply to your life each day, the more of God's Word that comes a part of your being, the more you train your mind to focus and meditate upon what God says in His Word, the more confidence you will have and the more joy you will have because your life will possess a confidence that will be a witness for Christ to everybody who knows you.

We talked last time about building one another up, how to encourage one another, how to edify one another, how to bless one another, and one of the ways is by being an example to one another in the faith that we exhibit in our life, in our speech, and in our actions and attitudes. "Without faith," the Bible says in Hebrews 11:6, "it is impossible to please God." You cannot please God apart from faith. But through faith you can please God and you can accomplish mighty things for God in your own personal life. You can apply what I am going to say today to your marriage, to your business, to some goal you have set in your perso ...

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