by Stan Coffey

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Replacing Condemnation with Confidence (4 of 7)
Series: Improving Your Self-Confidence
Stan Coffey
I John 3:19-21

If you have your Bible I want you to turn to I John 3:19-21. I have been speaking about "Improving Your Self-Confidence". And the message today is "Replacing Condemnation with Confidence". And I have found in my own life that this is a message that really speaks to my heart. So I pray that God will really use it in your life as well. So many times we walk in condemnation when God wants us to walk in confidence. And I pray that these principles that I am going to share will be a blessing to your Christian life.

The word "know" is used many times in the Book of I John. It is a Greek word that means to know from experience, to know experientially, to know in your heart of hearts deep down.

So often we are not in verse 21, we are in verse 20 – "20For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart..." There are many times when we are walking according to condemnation and not according to the confidence that God wants us to have. There are two things that bring condemnation in your life – you know the feeling of condemnation, the experience of condemnation – is somehow you feel unworthy, inferior, that you are not what you should be, that you have failed. All of these things are what I call walking in condemnation. It seems that Satan is able to get you down. He is able to depress you. He is able to defeat you.

And these feelings of condemnation come from basically two things. The first thing is unresolved guilt. And the second thing is unrealistic expectations. Many times, condemnation comes from unresolved guilt, guilt that we have not really laid down at the cross, guilt that has not been covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. You remember David said when I hold my guilt in, when I fail to confess my sin and get God's forgiveness; I am consumed on the inside. I am miserable on the inside.

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