by Stan Coffey

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Healing the Scars Of Rejection (2 of 7)
Series: Improving Your Self-Confidence
Stan Coffey
Psalm 147:1-4

If you have your Bible I want to invite your attention for our text to Psalm 147. I want to speak today about "Healing the Scars of Rejection". We are talking in this series of messages about "Improving Your Self-Confidence". One of the things that has to be done is there are some scars from the past, some wounds from the past that cause us not to have that confidence that God wants us to have in Christ that have damaged our self image of who we really are. And we have to see what God has to say about healing those scars of rejection.

If I were to ask today how many like rejection I am sure nobody would raise their hand. And if I were to ask how many of you have experienced rejection, all of us could raise our hand because all of us have known throughout the course of our life what it is to experience rejection. It begins at a very early age in our lives. It leaves some emotional wounds. Physical wounds sometimes heal much more quickly than emotional wounds and psychological wounds. Those wounds can stay with us for a long, long time and really affect the way we feel.

Did you know that the Lord is interested in not only the healing of the physical body, not only the healing of the soul, but He is also interested in the healing of the spirit and the mind of man and that part of you that experiences rejection.

Do you ever feel outcast? That is a word that suggests rejection. You feel like you are outside the group. There are so many people who all of their life have to deal with a broken heart. And as we go through life there are many kinds of things that break our heart but I think nothing breaks our heart and causes us to feel that we are emotionally wounded like rejection that we all experience in our life.

Many years ago, a plastic surgeon named Dr. Maxwell Malts, wrote a book entitled "New Faces, New Lives". He would tal ...

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