by Ernest Easley

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The Secret to Security and Satisfaction (2 of 5)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Psalm 23:1-6
April 3, 2005

Everybody wants to know a secret! I have found that it is easier to know a secret than to keep a secret. A secret is usually something that is told to only one person at a time. If you want a secret kept, then keep it.

Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead. Now in our time together tonight ... I don't want to keep a secret from you ... I want to let you in on a secret. And the secret I want to let you in on was never meant to be kept from you ... it was meant to be given to you. In fact ... it's really no secret at all. But by the way a lot of people live .. you would think it was a secret. At least .. it appears to be a secret to them.

You say, "All right Pastor, what is this secret and where is it found?" Well .. it is the secret to living a secure and satisfied life and it is found in Psalm 23. So .. if you are not there already ... turn with me to the 23rd Psalm.

Now chances are that you are familiar with the 23rd Psalm. You can probably quote portions of it. It is most often read at funeral services because it offers so much hope to those who are grieving. But learn this: the 23rd Psalm offers more than just hope to those who are grieving .. it offers help to those who are struggling.

Tonight .. you may be in a fight! A struggle! Nothing seems to satisfy you .. that is .. for long. You're going from one relationship to another looking for lasting satisfaction and security . You're going from one job to another looking for lasting satisfaction and security. You're going from one pill to another ... one bottle to another ... one affair to another trying to discover the secret to lasting security and satisfaction.

Well ... I've got some wonderful news for you tonight: What you have believed to be a secret is no secret at all. That's what the 23rd Psalm is all about.

The Secret to Security and S ...

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