by Ernest Easley

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What Makes a Good Volunteer? (3 of 3)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Matthew 5:1-12
May 29, 2005

We are celebrating and contemplating Volunteerism here at RSBC. Celebrating .. in that we are expressing gratitude for the hundreds of volunteers who provide hundreds of ministries in and through our church family. But not only celebrating .. many are contemplating. You say, "contemplating what?" Well .. contemplating where God wants them serving in this strategic hour in our church history.

If there was ever a time RSBC needed serving saints ..and serving for the purpose of building His Kingdom and strengthening His church .. it is today! Do you realize that God has you here to SERVE? Every saint a servant! Every member a contributor! God has brought you here to make a contribution! He saved you "for good works" (Eph 2.10). Now .. that doesn't mean that you are saved by works. But it does mean that you were saved for works! A "non-serving Christian" is a oxy moron. That's like saying, "clean dirt" or "dry water." And we've been learning from Matthew 5 .. that you'll never be happy until you begin serving. You won't be happy at home .. at work .. or at church until you begin serving! Unhappy people are takers. Happy people are givers!

It's no wonder so many churches are stagnated! If all you do is "come and take" .. "study without serving" .. "worship without working" .. you'll end up spiritually stagnated. Just a few weeks ago a group from our church was on the beautiful Sea of Galilee: fresh water .. filled with fish and life. And then a few days later we headed south to the Dead Sea: no fish .. no life .. salt water seven times saltier than the oceans of the world.

What a contrast! The Sea of Galilee: full of life and activity and hope. The Dead Sea: no life .. no activity .. no hope. So .. why are they so different? Well .. the Sea of Galilee is full of life because it takes water in but also lets water out. The Dead Sea takes i ...

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