by Ernest Easley

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What Makes a Good Volunteer? (2 of 3)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Matthew 5:1-12
May 22, 2005

As you turn to Matthew 5 .. we are picking up where we left off last Sunday morning thinking about volunteers. And not only volunteers .. but good volunteers! I hope that you were a part of our volunteer celebration last Sunday night!

Our choir and orchestra and praise team led us in worship followed by some incredible testimonies of church members regarding where they serve as volunteers. We then spent the rest of the night celebrating Volunteerism in the Vision Center!

And why not? Why shouldn't we celebrate and express our appreciation to the hundreds of volunteers who give of their time, talents and resources for the building up of the Kingdom of God? We are to give honor where honor is due. Amen? You see ... you have been saved to SERVE! Now .. you are not saved by serving .. but you are saved for serving. Every saint a servant! Ephesians 2.10, "for we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."

Do you realize that God put you here to make a contribution? God has for you a special assignment! He designed you to make a difference with your life! You have a role .. a purpose .. a work to fulfill. That means that a non-serving Christian is a contradiction in terms!

The reason so many churches are struggling and dying today is because of Christians who are not willing to serve. They sit on the sidelines as spectators rather than getting up and getting into the game. Again .. God did not save you to sit .. soak .. and soar .. but to SERVE!

So .. what makes a good volunteer? What does a good volunteer look like? I asked that question last week and somebody answered me by saying that "a good volunteer looks like a dog .. wearing a white shirt and an orange jacket and tie .. holding a football in one hand and a basketball in the other hand and can sing Rocky ...

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