by Ernest Easley

God Bless America: The Missing Element in America's Home
Ernest L. Easley
Judges 11

As we continue thinking under the heading, ''God Bless America'' I want to talk to you this morning from God's Word about The Missing Element in America's Homes.

Take your Bible and turn please to the book of Judges. And once you find the book of Judges look if you will to chapter 11.

Across America today we are honoring our Fathers. In fact since 1922 the third Sunday in June has been set aside to pay tribute to our Fathers. But for many Father's Day has become a game of hide and seek!

Today we've got deadbeat dads and fugitive fathers! According to a recent Gallup poll on fatherhood nearly 80% that responded said that the most significant family or social problem facing America today is the physical absence of the father from the home.

Across America today are fifteen million children under the age of 18 growing up without fathers. America is in trouble because the Family is in trouble. And the Family is in trouble because of deadbeat dads and fugitive fathers!

We hear a lot today about juvenile delinquents but the leading cause of juvenile delinquents is delinquent dads. And how we need a generation of Fathers who will lead their families rather than to leave their families!

The missing element in America's homes is men of integrity! Men of strength! Men of courage! Men that will stand up for right and wrong! Men that will lead their families to Jesus! Men that will love their wives and lead their homes!

Mister the biggest building project that you'll ever tackle is in your own home! America's homes are in trouble today because men have failed to be the men of God they ought to be. And Fathers for God to Bless America He will first bless our homes. And for God to bless our homes will require you to be men of courage men of conviction and men of character!

One man wasn't acting like a man and someone asked him, ''Are you a man or a mouse?'' He said, ...

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