by Ernest Easley

Pain-Free Living
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
I Chronicles 4.9-10
June 5, 2005

As you are turning to the Old Testament book of 1 Chronicles ... I want to ask you a question: how many of you would like to experience Pain-Free Living?

Now I can hear some of you asking, "is it possible? Is there such a thing as Pain-Free Living?" Well .. from 1 Chronicles .. I want to introduce to you a man who experienced Pain-Free Living! But before we read about him .. I need to tell you that the kind of pain-free life he lived had nothing to do with having pain .. but causing pain! Not possessing pain but providing pain!

I'm not talking about the pain you bear but the pain you share! Are you a pain? Sometimes I hear people say, "Oh so and so is such a pain." Are you a pain to live with? Are you a pain to work with? Are you a pain to serve with? How would you like living with you?

Let me ask you something else: Are you a pain to God through rebellion or do you bring Him pleasure through obedience? Well I want you to meet a man that didn't want to be a pain to man or God. His name was Jabez and we find his story in 1 Chronicles chapter 4.

Now ... if you enjoy family trees and genealogies .. you are going to love the first 9 chapters of 1 Chronicles. For instance .. in chapter 4 we find the role call for the tribe of Judah! It reads like a Hebrew Phone book.

4.1, "The sons of Judah were Perez, Hezron, Carmi, Hur, and Shobal." Well ... forty four names down .. we come to the name "Jabez." And this man named Jabez was committed to living a pain-free life! Let's read about Him in verse 9 as we think together about ..

Verse 10b, ".. that I may not cause pain!" So God granted him what he requested." Now in thinking about Living a Pain-Free Life .. the first thing we find here in verse 9 is ..

(1) The Description of Jabez.
What can we know about this man named Jabez? Well .. to begin with .. the writer of the Chronicles tells us about . ...

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